Editing and Proofreading Dissertations

The most common mistakes in dissertations have to do with a writers careless mistakes! A dissertation is a critical paper that determines the future of most people in school. After investing so much money and time in your studies, the least a dissertation should do for you is guarantee you academic excellence. When students and professional writers are doing dissertations, most of them are usually trapped in the information they are writing about to an extent that they forget about small details that make the dissertation fine. To eliminate the chance of a dissertation being graded low marks, Our team has been providing editing and proofreading services to students.

Apart from having your dissertation edited and proofread by our writers, they are passed to our editors to check for any inconsistencies, irregularities and careless mistakes. At Our team, we believe in the ability of double checking. Our writers always go through dissertations before submitting them to the editing department. Once your dissertation reaches to our editors, they ensure that they check words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation.

The editing and proofreading process is done thoroughly to ensure that nothing is left to chance. In most cases people are so immersed in the proofreading the main body of a dissertation and forget other sections. It has happened to many students who have had flawless dissertation with spelling mistakes of their name or that of their professor. Writers at Our team are keen on details of dissertations starting from the first page to the last. We understand that all the contents of a dissertation are equally important in ensuring that you get the best grade.

Our team offers dissertation writing services to many students across the world. We understand that students in different states use different languages. A good example would be the different versions of the English language. Depending on each students location and their professor’s requirements, we ensure that our dissertations are written in the correct format. During editing and proofreading, our editors also check for any inconsistencies in the language. The spelling of words is also strictly considered to ensure that all words are spelled correctly according to the stated guidelines.

One of the most critical part of editing and proofreading is checking for formatting mistakes. Our writers have many years experience in writing and therefore understand the different formats that are required in good papers. Although other people do not think formatting is important, we understand that some lecturers may dismiss your dissertation on the basis on bad formatting. The key areas we consider for proper formatting include paragraph types, line spacing, font type, font name and font size. Your last copy of dissertation will be delivered to you having the preferred format of your professor.

Although citation styles have been efficient in saving us the trouble of being accused of plagiarism, they are associated with a problem of their own class. The different citation styles have so many rules attached to them and most people either don’t understand these rules or just don’t know them. This is one of the errors that may not be detected during editing and proofreading if a person does not know what each citation style entails. Both the writers and editors at Our team understand how each of the citation styles are supposed to be used i your dissertation and will ensure that they do it accurately.

Editing and proofreading services are offered for free to students whose dissertations were done by our writers.

If your dissertation was done by other writers besides our own, we charge an amount of money depending on the number of pages of the paper and academic level of the student.